The Beach, NY

10:53 PM

I sat down to watch Kevin Salwen/Worthwhile guy on CNN tonight but he wasn’t there. He’ll be there tomorrow. I turned off the TV and headed to the gym. I hadn’t been in a week or so. A good sweat and some lifting are always good for the mind. I came home to a gorgeous night. Not a cloud in the sky. Stars radiating over Lake Ontario and the waves lapping up with their sweet music. My mom and went outside and sat under the stars. We talked and then I decided it was time to get the tent out. She looked at me for a second, but then proceeded to help me put the sticks in and get everything ready. It’s been a while, maybe since getting rained out in Maine. Yahoo says it is 65 degrees in my zip. No bugs. Tons of stars. And the waves. And twenty steps away are a bathroom, showers, a fridge, and all of the amenities. This is my kind of camping. Time to shower and get outside. I am guessing it will be an early AM. Enjoy your Friday and your weekend.