Rochester, NY

9:56 AM

It was a pretty quiet week. I type today alone at my parent’s house. It was kind of nice last night to come home and have this place to myself. It’s been rare to have the run of the mill. They are off at a retreat. I felt like a kid talking to my friends, “My parents are out of town.” I didn’t use it like I would have 10 years ago. I wonder if they say that when I stay out, “OK, he’s out for the night.”

Monday through Thursday was spent writing and thinking. I’m coming up with some pretty good ideas and thoughts. My writing is coming along, but I think, after talking to an agent yesterday, I may need to change my focus. We’ll see. It’s funny how when you don’t have a job and you don’t have anywhere to travel to how you have to do little things to feel productive. I would go to the grocery store, or run an errand for my folks, or hit the bank, or anything, just to get out of the house. I started back with my exercise routine of pushups, crunches and tricep things. It’s been a while and my body told me so. I did my routine on Monday. I must have done a good job because I had trouble bending my arms because they were so sore. Anyway, I find myself feeling good about doing something, anything, “OK, you went to the store, and you made dinner.” What a busy day.

Thursday was cool as I met Becky out for a drink. She and I then met Sean (from Maine) out at Milestones (a music place). The band Revision was there. You probably haven’t heard their CD, but they were the ones from Maine that we saw and had to leave for Ron’s curfew. We were teased with 4 or 5 songs. They sounded good and one of them happened to be from Rochester. We wanted to see more of them and circled the day on the calendar. For a comparison, they sound like Jon Schofield and even play one of his songs. They are a new band but sound great. I had to cut out early again as Sean and Becky both had to take off at about 12:15 because they had to get up to teach the next day. I should’ve stayed, but I didn’t want to be that guy alone in the corner. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but I left when they did and only got to see the first set. Becky and I Arrived early and got to see the last 3 songs of a Celtic band whose name escapes me. They were great and high energy. Thursday was good.

Yesterday was more writing. I’m doing pretty well at staying focused. I typically get up at 8 or so. Some days it’s been 9. But I’m either down at the kitchen table doing something or at the desk in my room, where I am now, typing away. I guess my years of sales and working from home was good training.

My parents left at about 5:45. Then about 10 of my fiends came over with a keg and some strippers. Just kidding. I went next door to my aunt and uncle’s for a drink and some Chinese food. It was fun sitting and talking with them. My family is blessed as me going to my aunt and uncle’s is something I look forward to doing. They live next door; some families would be in the middle of a war zone if that was the case. I am lucky.

I then met Caytie and Bryan out. It was about 8:30 when I left. For some reason it hit me that it got dark way early, like at 7:30. It ain’t summer anymore. It did get dark early but there was the most beautiful sunset last night. From my aunt and uncle’s we sat out on their porch and ate. Straight ahead the sky was cloudy, but in the distance, under the clouds burned a deep pink, like something, I don’t know what a deep pink color is. It was pink. As you went left the sky went from the pink to an orange, like the color you’d see pumpkins are. It was gorgeous.

I met Caytie and we hopped around.

I just got back from taking a potty break. I think I’ve said this before, but I believe my parent’s have the best bathroom that I’ve ever seen. If you ever felt like king/queen of the throne, it would have to be here. As you’re sitting there, and if you open the blinds, you stare right down into Lake Ontario. We are seeing the edge of Hurricane Ivan, so the Lake is raging today. Peaceful and I nice place to be, if you have to.

So I met Caytie and Bryan at Nathaniel’s. She had a friend of hers from childhood, Jenny, in town, and she was there as well. We had a drink and then went to meet a mutual friend of ours, Yits (from Vegas), at Woody’s. We then went to Salinger’s. Caytie was drgaggin, so we left at about midnight. I was mellow and decided to make my way back here. On the way I called a friend of mine, Matt (from golf). He happened to be at a place that I’d pass on my way home, McGinnity’s. My girl Darcie was working the bar, so I swung up there. I saw some other people I knew and ended up closing it down. I came home, heated up some food, and talked with Anthony (Phoenix) on the phone for about an hour. And here I am.

It’s funny how even without a job, the weekend are more fun. I think you’re programmed like that, and I’m sure it also has to do with everyone else being able to let their hair down. Back to the writing, Ryder Cup, and football.