Rochester, NY

11:58 PM

I went to the minor league baseball game tonight. The Rochester Red Wings played the Charlotte Knights in Rochester. One of the relief pitchers for the Wings grew up with my sister’s fiancée. He didn’t get in the game, they didn’t need him, and they won 6-1. After the game we met his wife and mother. As a sports fan, there would be nothing better than playing your game and getting paid for it. As I talked with his family, I didn’t think about the sacrifice they have to make in order for the dream to become reality. His wife even said it was like being an Army wife, going from city to city as he gets called up. They meet new people, which is good, but it must be hard not having the constant people either. As I think about it, maybe the constant people remain constant wherever you are.

After the game we went to the O.A.R. concert. They rocked out. I’ve met the band in the past and I know that their family life is also affected by the constant traveling. Yet, they are doing what they love.

The sacrifices I have to make now in order to take the time to get this book published are not always easy, but it is just me. What happens when I get to where I want to, when I am traveling all over, meeting new people, giving talks and writing more books? What happens when I am married and have kids? I guess you cross that bridge when you get to it. If the passion is continuous in you, you press on, move forward, and build your life the best you can.