Rochester, NY

11:56 PM

You have to love a holiday centered around family, food, and football. I type this with a tryptophan buzz after scarfing down a traditional late night turkey feast. My day was spent writing and then heading next door to my aunt and uncle’s at 3:30. We snacked and watched the beginning of the Dallas game. One of the best inventions of recent memory has to be Tivo/DVR. Dinner always used to get in the way of me watching the Cowboys. Not this year. We hit pause on the game and game back to it much later, and fast forwarded through the commercials.

There is a lot to give thanks for around here. I am lucky to have a family that enjoys being together. I have friends all over the country I am thankful for. So many great people have come into my life over the past years, it’s amazing. And of course the ones I already knew. As I sat and tore at the turkey leg, I thought about the troops overseas and what they were sacrificing so I could eat with my family. I thought about the families in Iraq who are caught between our armies and the insurgent forces and how hard that must be. I thought about my family in other cities and how our country is too big sometimes. I thought about the people I know who are battling sickness or recently lost a loved one. I then flashed back to my day working at the soup kitchen in Myrtle Beach, SC. What would those people from the woods be doing this afternoon? My turkey leg tasted awesome, but I felt somewhat guilty for where I was and what I was doing. There is so much more we can do for people. But, it is so much easier to eat that leg, in the warmth of a house on the water, with all of your loved ones.

Rambles from a trypped out man. Happy Turkey Day.