In the here and now,  details the research and writing process of my third book called, “On the Spiritual Road: Seeking Faith and Religion in the United States.” 

Andrew HarrisonI am researching and writing the book so I, and others, can better answer the following questions:

  • “What’s my religion?”
  • “What do I believe in?”
  • “What are the different religions about?”
  • “How do other people practice their faith in America today?”

Previously, the website chronicled what has happened to me since I embarked on a journey to understand what made people love their work and life. My study of human motivation began by traveling the country interviewing passionate people from all walks of life about what they do, why they do it, and how they came to find their success.

I am told my story has some uniqueness because before going On the Road, I resigned from a sales job that would have paid me over $100,000 a year while typically working less than 40 hours per week. I had the “perfect career,” but I was not inspired. I decided I had to find out how others came to find their purpose and passion. I set out from Charlotte, NC to meet America armed with business cards listing my title as “Seeker,” knowing I couldn’t have 100 jobs, but that I could meet and talk with 100 people about their own journey.

Things have progressed far beyond my imagination. The odometer now reads over 100,000 miles and 145 interviews. To name a few, I’ve talked with an astronaut at NASA, rode a 24-hour shift with a fire and rescue unit that responded to the 9/11 Pentagon attacks, sat in on a day of Arkansas’ State Supreme Court with the first ever female chief justice, talked politics with the former mayor of Key West, FL, learned about motivation from a retired Navy Captain, and talked finances with the father of the 401(k) program.

People have passed my journey and website on to family, friends and media. Surreally, I’ve been on TV news, in national magazines, on the front page of newspapers and on radio shows.

The amazing experiences and advice showed me I had to pay the interview stories forward. So now I am a Seeker, author, speaker and consultant. My work deals with helping people love their work and life teamed with how that understanding applies personally and organizationally.

In summary, people tell me going On the Road was a risky proposition and I put a lot on the line to leave the “good life.” I am pleased to say I found a better one. The journey has shown me my purpose: To research, write, and speak about books that deal with passionate people, jobs and organizations. I continue to marvel at the amazing interviews, friends and cities. This has been a life altering experience and it continues…

Thanks for joining me. I’ll see you On the Road, in books, and in talks around the country… – Andrew

About Me

Born and Raised: Rochester, NY

Undergraduate Degree: University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Writing

Graduate Degree: University of South Carolina, Mass Communications

First Career: Outside Business to Business Sales

Places Lived: Little Rock, AR, Columbia, SC, Memphis, TN, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Rochester, NY

Goal: To live life to the fullest, to inspire people to live their life to the fullest, to make a difference in the world

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Words that make you think

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Thoreau

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – Tolkien

“All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it.” – Samuel Butler

“I know I was born and I know that I’ll die, the in-between is mine.” – Pearl Jam

“A person should so live that their happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things.” – Epictetus