My network has grown incredibly over the years, but I’ve learned you can’t go wrong with a little help from your friends. Help could be:

  • Connecting me to a person to interview. For “On the Spiritual Road,” I am looking to talk with people about:
    • First and foremost, how they came to choose/find their religion/faith
    • What they like most about it
    • How they practice their religion/faith
      • If you think you or someone would be interesting, you’re probably right
  • Connecting me to people who can educate me on a religion:
    • A religious expert
    • A religious leader or social leader of a religion (Examples: Dalai Lama, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen)
    • A celebrity follower of a religion (Examples: Tim Tebow, Mitt Romney, Tom Cruise)
  • Passing the book and journey on to local/national media outlets (TV, newspaper, online/blogs, magazine, radio)
  • A cool city or town to visit
    • Museums, fairs, festivals, etc…
  • Tell me about a very spiritual place that I should visit
  • A place to sleep, relax and/or write
  • Recommendations on good food

Financial Help

To become a financial contributor to the book research and writing process, go to our Kickstarter page = Coming Soon. 

Or feel free to directly contact my office.


I love hearing from new people, so if you’re thinking about sending me an email, please do.

Or you can contact the Bonfire Consulting office at +1-585-413-1354