I just started the research and interview process for my third book, “On the Spiritual Road: Seeking Faith and Religion in the United States.”

Book Video (explains why I’m writing the book as well as the research/interview process)

Book Information

“On the Spiritual Road” will:

  • Share the stories of how people chose their religion
  • Describe what people like most about it
  • Talk about how people practice their religion in current society
  • Explain at a high level, the key elements of 12 different religions

The book will provide relevant, tangible and helpful information so people, including me, can better answer their religious questions. “On the Spiritual Road” will:

  • Be told in a neutral tone as it follows my spiritual interview journey
    - As a Seeker, I don’t have a religious agenda other than to learn and then share what I’ve learned
  • Via one-on-one interviews, provide information and quotes from experts and social leaders of different religions
  • Via one-on-one interviews, provide stories of how “everyday” people/families are putting different religions and faiths into practice in 21st century America
  • Provide a quick-reference informational overview of 12 different religions and faiths written in current context

Religion Sections:

  1. Christian – Catholic
  2. Christian – Protestant
  3. Christian – Born Again
  4. Native American
  5. Islam
  6. Judaism
  7. Hinduism
  8. Mormon
  9. Buddhism
  10. Scientology
  11. Baha’i
  12. Agnostic/Atheist
  13. Megachurch (I’m thinking of adding this section)

Book Flow

At a high level, the book will be laid out as follows:

  • Introduction – my story and why I decided to research and write the book
  • 12 Religious sections. Within each section:
    • Introduction to that religion and why I decided to write about that religion
    • Multiple interview chapters that include stories, explanations and quotes from:
      • Religious Experts
        • Examples include: Priests, Nuns, Cardinals, Mullahs, Monks, Rabbis, professors and people deemed as authorities in a particular religion
      • Social Leaders. Examples that I hope to interview:
        • Tim Tebow – Born Again
        • Mitt Romney – Mormon
        • Tom Cruise – Scientology
        • Dalai Lama – Buddhism
        • Rick Warren – Christian, The Purpose Driven Life
        • Joel Osteen – Megachurch
        • Rainn Wilson – Bahai
        • Dr. Mehmet Oz - Islam
        • Deepak Chopra – Hindu
        • Stephen Colbert – Catholicism
      • Interviews with everyday people living and practicing their faith in 21st century society
    • End of Section Snapshot
      • The end of each section will provide a Snapshot that will act as a summary/quick reference for each religion. The reader will be able to flip/scroll to the Snapshot area and find:
        • An overview of that religion
        • History and Background
        • Basic principles
        • How people practice it
        • Expectations
        • Famous Quotes
        • Famous followers
        • Quotes from the people I interviewed
        • More in-depth reading recommendations
  • Final Chapter – After doing all of the research and interviews, I will explain my learnings and conclusions


  • Also included in the book will be travel aspects sharing how I was able to encounter the people I learned from as well as details on location from a central spot of that faith in the U.S. and the world. Examples:
    • Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan
    • Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida – Presbyterian
    • Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah – Mormon
    • St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City
    • Temple Emanu-El in New York City – Judaism
    • Palace of Gold in Moundsville, West Virginia – Indian-inspired palace 
    • Bahá’í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois
    • Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights, California – Buddhist
    • I will also travel to different locations in the world based on the need for research. Potential places could include:
      • The Vatican, Mecca, Jerusalem, India, China and others

What Will I Ask?

My first book is about people who love their work. “On the Spiritual Road” will share the stories of people who love their religion. Interview questions will include:

  • Tell me your story. How did you come to find this religion?
  • What do you like most about it?
  • How do you live and practice this religion in today’s day and age?
  • What is your advice for people seeking faith and religion?

Help Me

You can help with the book research and writing process. Here are some ways you can assist:

  • Connecting me to a person to interview. For “On the Spiritual Road,” I am looking to talk with people about:
    • First and foremost, how they came to choose/find their religion/faith
    • Why they believe what they believe
    • How they practice their religion/faith
      • If you think you or someone would be interesting, you’re probably right
  • Connecting me to:
    • A religious expert
    • A religious leader or social leader of a religion (Examples: Dalai Lama, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen)
    • A celebrity follower of a religion (Examples: Tim Tebow, Mitt Romney, Tom Cruise)
  • Passing the book and journey on to local/national media outlets (TV, newspaper, online/blogs, magazine, radio)
  • A cool city or town to visit
    • Museums, fairs, festivals, etc…
  • Tell me about a spiritual and/or religious place that I should visit
  • A place to sleep, relax and/or write
  • Recommendations on good food

Financial Help

Lastly, to become a financial contributor to the book research and writing process, go to our Kickstarter page (Coming Soon). 

Feel free to directly contact me or my office.


Bonfire Consulting office: +1-585-413-1354