San Francisco, CA

1:45 PM

I’ve trained myself pretty good to stay focused when I am off the road to work during the day. Part of that comes from my sales training and the ability my companies gave me to work from home. As I’ve done my book, the only time the TV comes on is during lunch, and that is usually Headline News or CNN and an occasional ESPN News.

Today is different. Eating a late lunch at 1:00, ESPN has the NFL’s Greatest Games on. Today’s game from 1 to 2:30 is the 1992 NFC Championship Game between my Dallas Cowboys at the San Francisco 49ers. I must have been a junior in high school during this game. The names are so familiar with Aikman, Smith, Irivn, Haley, Stepnoski, Novacek, Tuniei, Harper and I could go on. For the 9ers there is Rice, Young, Taylor, Watters, Rathman, Romo, and Montana on the bench.

The good and the bad part of this is that I don’t recall if this is the year the Boys made it over the hump. The rain is falling in the Bay area and at halftime, it’s 10 – 10. It’s cool because they show every play and eliminate the breaks and huddles.

So I watch, and because I’m typing this (love a laptop), I don’t feel guilty about not writing or making calls.

2:30 PM

Cowboys win, 30 – 20. This is the game Alvin Harper made two huge catches. They went on to beat Buffalo for their frist of 3 Super Bowls in the next 4 years.