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6:23 AM New York City, here I come…

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Posted by on Jan 30, 2007 in Journal

Rochester/NYC 11:01 PM I think my first iPod experience was on the road, in the summer of ’04, just outside of Boston at my cousin Kelle’s house. Her husband Tod had one and was scrolling through all of his music. He explained what an iPod was and how much storage there was and how he could have all of his John Prine music at once. I didn’t truly grasp it until many months later. It was also my first John Prine experience as well. Tonight I am in possession of my first iPod. I don’t own it, I’ve borrowed it for my NYC trip tomorrow. I was able to build my own...

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Posted by on Jan 29, 2007 in Journal

Rochester, NY I just got done watching another episode of 24. The show is nonstop, but the whole family bit doesn’t work for me. Anyway, my eyes are heavy. Pre 24 I was with some girlfriends from high school. The new house was amazing and it was packed full of energy. There were 9 kids there, with the oldest being in second grade. It was great to hear them laughing and watching them running. There was also screaming and crying, but I can tune that out pretty good. I always marvel at how many gears mothers must have. One friend has 4 kids, her sister has 3. And it is always go go go. One...

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Posted by on Jan 28, 2007 in Journal

Rochester, NY 8:22 PM The weekend is almost to an end and I’ve been pretty mellow. Cards Friday, a few drinks last night, and nothing today. I got some work done, but mainly I watched golf and cooked. I was quite impressed with myself yesterday as I prepared what we deemed Lakeside Breaded Orange Roughy. It was a tasty dish based in a Dijon sauce, spruced up with some butter, soy, and Worcestershire sauces as well as garlic, Old Bay, Montreal Chicken, and Cavender’s. Mixing all of those ingredients together gave me a paste that I put on top of the salt and peppered fish. From there,...

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Posted by on Jan 27, 2007 in Journal

Rochester, NY 2:22 PM Last weekend I found myself at the drive thru of McDonald’s at 3 AM. It was time to raid the $1 menu for the after hours party. Two of my friends had donated to the cause and I depleted the $20 with ease. Never in my memory have I ordered like I did that Saturday night: 8 double cheeseburgers, 3 four piece chicken nuggets, 1 mcchicken, 1 chicken fajita, and 3 large fries. I am not a fast food guy at all, but the fat and grease tasted good and fueled us until my eyes shut at 6:15 AM. Ouch. I don’t want to do either of those things this weekend. Last night was the...

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