Posted by on Jan 24, 2007 in Journal

NYC 1:59 PM The snow has arrived and not left Rochester. A few inches over each of the past few days makes for beautiful scenery, crappy driving, and tons of dirty, slushy, and sloppy parking lots. As I drove yesterday, the snow was still hugging onto the bare trees and the white glaze looked amazing. A little girl got dropped off from her bus and immediately ran to play in the snow filled front yard with her mom looking on. I thought about how much I used to like playing in the snow. My days of street hockey and stupid tackle football on the frozen over street. I flashed to the future,...

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Posted by on Jan 19, 2007 in Journal

4:19 PM Man, you gotta love the library. I just got home with the first season of Entourage on DVD, and a diverse CD grab bag of Kanye West, Van Morrison, Tim McGraw, John Scofield, and Bruce Springsteen. 3 weeks they let you have them. I also made a purchase unlike any I have made in recent memory, I paid 150% over the asking price. I bought the book Clear and Present Danger for my dad. It’s a hard cover and the asking price was an astonishing 10 cents. I guiltily gave them a quarter and called it even. Also just solidified my Arkansas/Memphis trip in February. I can’t wait to...

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Posted by on Jan 16, 2007 in Journal

West Virginia This shows that money is not always the answer to our problems. Although, I will say if I was given a lump sum of over $100 million, I wouldn’t complain. And I sure wouldn’t have screwed it up like this guy did. The road of life can giveth and the road of life can taketh. Waste

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Posted by on Jan 15, 2007 in Journal

11:47 AM Today, we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. For people of my generation, we don’t fully understand the fragmentation our society was under in the 60′s. I went and saw the movie Bobby a few weeks ago. It showed the killing of Bobby Kennedy. My generation has not had to deal with an intense struggle and then when leaders rise to the top, they are killed. I’m not sure how we’d react. I still can’t imagine the few years of MLK, JFK, and Bobby K all being killed. Scary. But today it is about Martin Luther King. His “I Have a Dream...

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Posted by on Jan 10, 2007 in Journal

Rochester, NY 2:12 PM It looks like I’ve gotten over the Cowboys debacle, although each time I see a field goal, I think what should have been. The first big snow of the year hit today. And from where I sit, indoors, it is beautiful. The white on the beach and on the trees make everything bright. My daily ritual of a late lunch in front of the TV turned into a longer session than planned. With it being a snow day, that meant grilled ham and cheese and chicken noodle soup. Comfort food for sure. On VH1 Classic, Pink Floyd: The Wall played. And I became entranced. It had been many years...

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