Posted by on Jun 29, 2006 in Journal

Burlington, VT 5:22 PM No time, but we are in Borders. Just updated the site. Went on the Ethan Allen III ferry around the lake. Dinner time.

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Magic Hat

Posted by on Jun 28, 2006 in Journal

Burlington, VT 5:58 PM All we can say right now is, “Wow.” We sit in the GGT Tibet Inn in Burlington, Vermont sipping Magic Hat spirits. It’s a long story of how we got here, but I think it is worth telling. The drive from the White Mountain National Forest was rainy, but Hwy. 302 treated us well. We found a breakfast spot, The Coffee Pot in Littleton, NH. The owner’s story is for another time, but worth a read. Two eggs, ham, hash browns, and a cup of joe later, Vermont waited us. 302 turned into Hwy. 2 and then 89. The rain slowed at 89, just in time for the Ben and Jerry’s...

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New Hampshire

Posted by on Jun 27, 2006 in Journal

White Mountain National Forest 10:36 PM After a long night in Portland celebrating Maureen’s completing her med school boards, we got around late today. It wasn’t until after our lunch at 1:00 that we hit the road for the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We said good bye to the highway and drove on 302 toward Mount Washington. Small town after small town passed us by. Some new friends from Portland told us about Pinkham Notch, but the nice lady at the information desk in Conway pointed us in a new direction. Rather than veering off on 16 and up to Pinkham, we stayed on 302 and drove past...

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George H.W.

Posted by on Jun 26, 2006 in Journal

Kennebunkport, ME 2:02 PM We made it to Ogunquit and struggled to find a parking spot in the beach city. The main street was lined with shops selling paintings and restaurants all advertising lobster. That word caught my eye. And my stomach’s. We found a spot near the beach for $2/hour and immediately heard the ocean hitting the shore. It was grey, cloudy, and in the mid 60′s, but it wasn’t raining, so I took off my sandals and hit the beach. The tides of Maine are more pronounced in any place I’ve been with some levels as much as 10 feet. In this case, the tide was...

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Posted by on Jun 25, 2006 in Journal

Biddeford, ME I learned yesterdays that I am a below average packer. After all of the miles and months on the road, this was the first time I had to load the car with more than just my things. The 941 boys got to witness the man that evolves out of me when trying to load a SUV with only so much storage space. Enough storage space for my things and one other person, not 2. After a few cuss words and me leaving a few things behind, we were on the road at about 10:30 AM. Not bad considering I had been at a wedding and up until about 2:30 the night before. The tone of trip could have been set as...

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