Chase Corporate Challenge

Posted by on May 31, 2007 in Journal

Rochester, NY 3:12 PM I have 20 minutes before I load up my car and take off for the Chase Corporate Challenge. This is a huge event that is geared to raise money for charity. This is my first year, but I’m pretty excited to part of a worldwide thing. Check out the cities on the list. Mar 1 Johannesburg May 3 Singapore May 24 Chicago May 31 Rochester Jun 7 Buffalo Jun 13 Frankfurt Jun 20 & 21 New York Jun 26 Syracuse Jun 28 Boston Jul 11 & 12 London Sep 19 San Francisco Oct 6 Championship Nov 14 Sydney The event is a 3.5 mile run. In Rochester there are supposed to be over...

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Posted by on May 24, 2007 in Journal

Little Rock/Memphis 11:42 PM I am back in Memphis. It was another busy day, starting with packing all of my gear. After all of these miles and experiences, you’d think I would’ve gotten it down to a science, but packing with the “just in case” philosophy makes things cumbersome. I loaded everything up, said goodbye to Gary’s place and headed toward my alma mater, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. We call it UALR. Driving around campus and parking in my fraternity house lot always sends me down memory lane. So many great friends and images. It also makes me think of how...

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Another Library

Posted by on May 23, 2007 in Journal

Little Rock, AR Because where I’ve stayed does not have an internet connection, this is getting posted later. 11:48 PM This gets typed in the house of Gary, a friend from college where I’ve been calling home this week. I am spent after a great day. It started by packing both work and golf clothes for the day and heading towards the Riverwalk, which is where many new bars and restaurants are located. I wasn’t going to hit the bar scene at 9 AM, I was going to visit the rather new William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum. After getting lost for a few minutes, I drove...

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Posted by on May 22, 2007 in Journal

Little Rock, AR 4:36 PM CST I type this from a library in the Chenal area of Little Rock, AR. Earlier today I gave a talk with close to 25 employees of a mortgage company in a meeting room of the library. Whenever you speak to a group of business people, you never know how things will go. In this case, the audience was not only managers, but 95% of the company. As I began my presentation and we went around the room doing introductions, I knew this would be a good group. Their culture was relaxed and friendly, this came across in the intros and set me right at ease. Our two hours together went...

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Trip Tik

Posted by on May 18, 2007 in Journal

ROC – MEM – LIT 8:50 AM The day before a trip is always busy and today is no different. I can hear the washing machine going downstairs, my to do list continues to go in the wrong direction, and the always important final walk throughs on my power points await. I am always excited to get back on the road and this time is no different. I may be more pumped because I feel like I have been cooped up for a while. Some of my friends would laugh at that comment, but going from the activity I was used to and the sporadicity of now, it’s different. The first leg of the trip is...

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