Little Rock, AR

4:36 PM CST

I type this from a library in the Chenal area of Little Rock, AR. Earlier today I gave a talk with close to 25 employees of a mortgage company in a meeting room of the library. Whenever you speak to a group of business people, you never know how things will go. In this case, the audience was not only managers, but 95% of the company. As I began my presentation and we went around the room doing introductions, I knew this would be a good group. Their culture was relaxed and friendly, this came across in the intros and set me right at ease. Our two hours together went very well. It was fun to sit back and watch them communicate about their business and processes.

We made a lot of progress in not a lot of time. Afterwards people thanked me for coming. One guy even thanked me for the “informal approach.” I am not an in your face guy. That type of motivation tactic never motivated me. I try and tell it like it is while providing the evidence to support me. At the core, I try and be real. Giving these talks are a lot of fun because I believe in what I am saying. I think that comes across in the delivery.

It’s been a busy time thus far. I flew to Memphis on Saturday and met my nephew Hudson for the first time. He is 8 weeks old and they said he looks like me because of his blue eyes, long eye lashes, and the hairline (his will grow and unless some scientist invents a cure, mine will not). I instantly smiled and watched as he slept in my brother’s arms. Not long after being there I held him in the rocker. We thought he might cry because it was close to feeding time, but he looked up at me and must have decided that Uncle Drew was OK, because he went back to sleep for a while. Then he woke up and decided he was going to let us know he was hungry. That’s when I passed him back to my brother.

Then the three Harrison men went to see me sister in law and two nieces over at the in law’s. Whenever you go to the Hudson’s, you know you’re going to leave with a full belly. This was no different as enchiladas and pork chops were on the menu. We did family stuff and headed back to my bro’s early. I was in bed by 10. This was in part to a long Friday night of washers and a bonfire in Rochester (not wise when you still have to pack and also get up early). I also wanted to be rested for a 7:30 AM tee time.

Golf in Memphis is fun but challenging. Colonial Country Club can bite you. And the rust on my game showed. I putted like a champ and did everything else like a chump. It was back to the Hudson’s for family pool and hot tub time. And burgers the width of hockey pucks. I love being around the kids. So much energy and laughter. And I think it is good for the parents and grandparents to have a set of fresh legs around. I was all over the place.

Yesterday I drove to Little Rock from Memphis to play in a golf tournament. I saw a ton of my old fraternity brothers. It is crazy how fast the time flies. My team played well, finishing at 14 under. It was good enough for third place. With a few more putts falling, we could’ve had first. We won some good stuff. I am going to use the dinner certificate this evening with my host. And it looks like I’ll be using the golf voucher tomorrow afternoon with a couple of my teammates.

So far so good. Family. Old Friends. A new company. More to come.