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Strongsville, OH 9:15 AM It’s great to be back at Angel House. This place totally relaxes me and gets my creative juices flowing. Carol, the owner of Angle House, and Larry and Amy, two local real estate moguls who have an office on site, are big into the Rotary here and I just got back from a meeting. I am normally not too big on 7 AM meetings, but I gave a brief talk to the group last September and wanted to make a return visit. I am as far from a morning person as you can get, but I remembered the laughter and positive energy from my talk and wanted to experience it again. They didn’t...

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Fairport, NY 9:16 AM It is rare when something on comes from your backyard. And in most cases, it’s probably not a good thing when it does. If you were to go there right now, you’d have to get past the joke that is Paris Hilton and find the headline that is making my stomach churn as I type this: Cheerleaders killed in fiery head-on crash. On Tuesday night nine girlfriends who had just graduated high school left their homes and drove to a cottage for some summer fun the next day. Five of the girls didn’t make it. Four of the girls had to watch the horrible car crash unfold...

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New Fork

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2:43 PM The day before a trip is always busy. Today, I woke up early to avoid the midday heat and hit the beach, raking and cleaning up leaves and sticks for the 4th of July Party. There is still a lot to do on that front. I think I mentioned last week I’m doing some management consulting at a company (based on book #2). That is a full bore project that is occupying a lot of my brain. And I’ve been preparing for a new fork in my road. A few weeks ago I was asked to visit Berea, OH, (just south of Cleveland) this upcoming weekend and share my story and those of my interviewees with high...

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11:36 AM It’s funny I wrote about kids a few days ago. Yesterday my door bell rang and standing there was a one of my boys from high school days. In his arms was his beautiful four month old daughter. She must have thought I was funny looking because every time she looked at me she smiled or laughed. This of course put me into a trance. He also told me another one of our guys’ wife had a baby boy last week. It is amazing to see your friends and their kids. It’s been a busy week for me. I started doing some management consulting work with a company outside of Rochester. That puts...

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Rochester, NY The summer in the northeast is off and running. The weather has been ideal, upper 70′s and lower 80′s with abundant sunshine. Seeing the sun and being outside is a wonderful thing for the mindset. It was a weekend of gatherings. The first was a birthday party for one of the people that is going to be in my book, Brad VanAuken. This was a birthday party unlike any I have been to. I would describe it as high class. The party took place in the backyard of he and his fiancé’s (the mitrologist) house. The house is tucked away in deep woods. A six piece jazz band played...

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