Charlotte, NC

8:02 AM

Being a traveler, the starts to a visit are always filled with such anticipation, excitement and potential. The end of the trip always brings the downer of saying goodbye (today I have to return the rental car [VW Passat = nice] and catch my return flight). Charlotte has been great. I spent a lot of time with my aunt, uncle, cousin and his two girls. We went bowling (I rolled one game = sub 100 = frustration), chowed down on an awesome dim sum feast and I even stepped out of my comfort zone to take on one of the girls in Just Dance on the Wii (she won – and they posted a video on Facebook of my smooth moves haha).

The main reason the trip materialized was to be at the surprise birthday party of my former roommate. I spent a lot of time with him and his family. His oldest daughter got an early birthday present – a trip to the Justin Bieber concert with her mom. Great seats too. She loved it. It was fun shooting indoor bow and arrow with their son and playing imaginary Power Rangers with their daughter.

I also caught up with a lot my NC friends. We all have so much going on in life, but it’s nice when you catch up and it feels like yesterday. Bookwise, I interviewed a good friend about his spiritual journey and may have some leads into some cool places.

And energy wise, I’ve soaked up the sunshine. The weather was not warm by Charlotte standards (40’s and 50’s), but being based in Rochester, NY, having sunshine every day has been a great change from snow and grey sky.

So now it’s time to pack up and head back to the northeast. Travel is always good for my brain and creativity. I see things in a different perspective. Airplanes and being out of the office gives me new ideas and angles: I’ve noticed this happen with a lot of entrepreneurs. I’m not sure if that is the same with writers too. Taking those ideas and executing them is another conversation, but my notebook is filled up with some good stuff.

To the airport I go…