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Rochester, NY I’ve been helping a friend paint the house he just bought. We did some work yesterday. The previous owners may have been color blind or had a ‘different’ sense for what looks good. Needless to say, there is a lot of work to be done. Over a couple of weekends I helped finish off the living room and get started on the dining room. This is a friend of mine from way back and when you see someone that you’ve known for so long moving into a new house and essentially, taking another step on the road of life, it is pretty cool. When I paint, it helps my mind...

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Rochester, NY 5:06 PM I went to the law offices of Nixon Peabody this morning to interview their head of human resources for my next project. As I waited for him to come and get me the Rochester, NY paper was there. A headline from the front page jumped out at me. “City’s 39% grad rate is worst in NY’s big 4.” Bill came to get me before I could read it. Well, now I have. All I can say is wow. I also have a few expletives one would say when getting a staggering statistic, but I’ll write wow instead of those. The Rochester City School District’s high school graduation rate is 39%. I...

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Canton, OH More from 4/23 My time on the Ridge was an amazing start to what would turn out to be a busy and great day. After my light sight I had breakfast, showered, and drove south to Canton, OH. I was set to meet with Michael, who I had met the day before. I had started reading his book, “The Word of God upon My Lips: A Messenger Speaks.” It was pretty deep stuff. On Earth Day, he read from his book. With an open mind, I heard him explain how he began to get feelings and sensations of something speaking through him. With some focus and prayer, this voice was a messenger, passing on...

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Angel House Happened: 4/23. Posted: 4/25. I woke up earlier than normal, close to 7:00. My hope was to go on the Ridge to catch the sunrise. I should probably explain what the Ridge is. Angel House sits in front of a rise in the land. The land is a barrier, with Angel House on one side, woods and trails in the middle, and the Rocky River below on the other side. Walking out of the back of Angel House, you pass a vortex spot and then cross a meandering creek on a bridge. A few more paces on the dirt trail lead to maybe 10 wooden steps. Turning right, you walk on an incline, with the river on...

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Earth Day

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Angel House – Strongsville, OH This is written from Rochester, NY on 4/25. 4/22 Earth Day at Angel House For the past few weeks I’ve been going stir crazy waiting on my book deal to happen. Waiting on something you basically have no control over is very tough. A few weeks ago I spoke with Carol Dombrose, the owner of the Angel House in Strongsville, OH. She had mailed me a DVD of the ABC news story they did when I was there in September of 2006. We caught up and she asked me to come back to Angel House for their open house, which was on Earth Day. There was going to be a lot of...

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