Tom Petty

Posted by on Jun 26, 2005 in Journal

Darien Lake, NY 2:22 PM 90 degrees and humid is not the perfect day for an outdoor concert, but I’ll take that versus rain. The sun was out as we drove the 45 minutes west to get to Darien Lake for the Tom Petty and Black Crowes concert. The Crowes started at 7. Me being who I am didn’t pick up the lady until 4:30. We still had to go to the grocery store for tailgating supplies, the gas station, the liquor store (airplane bottles) and back to her house for the EZ Pass. We didn’t leave Rochester until 5:30. I was stressed. I love to tailgate and I knew we’d be pushing...

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Posted by on Jun 25, 2005 in Journal

Rochester, NY 2:11 PM Today was my first swim in the Lake (Ontario) of the summer. It is about 90 degrees here today. I slept at my sister’s place last night and got back to the lake at about 11. I threw my suit on, tied on my dad’s mowing shoes, and went out to the shed to start the lawn mower. My cousin Kyle and I take turns doing the lot in front. This weekend was me. It felt good to have my shirt off and have the sun hit. As bad as it is for your skin, the sun feels good. I did wear a hat though. My head needs to stay out of the UV. I won’t give you the row by row, but I...

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Posted by on Jun 23, 2005 in Journal

Corning, NY 1:45 AM It’s 80 degrees and the sun filters through the trees behind me. I step into the batters box. The dirt kicks off my shoes. I stare ahead intently at the pitcher, Nate. The shift is on because I bat as a lefty. The foul lines were freshly painted on this morning. Welcome to the finals of the Woodycrest Memorial Whiffle Ball Tournament. The pitch comes in a big swooping curve, I shift the weight from my back foot and explode forward. The yellow bat an extension of body, it moves forward to the white ball with the precision of a 5 year old. I swing hard and whiff. My body...

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First Day of Summer

Posted by on Jun 21, 2005 in Journal

Rochester, NY 11:31 AM All Hail, it’s the first day of summer. Yippee. Hooray. Sun, Beach, Lakes and all of that good stuff. The first day of summer has always held something more for my family because it’s my dad’s birthday. He wanted to get in some golf this morning before he went to work. I obliged. We woke up at 5:30, were to the course by 6:20, and done with 9 at 8:30. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Rochester and the high should get up to 83. We were the first ones out on the course. That is not typical with me and my friends. It felt great to be up and see the sun rise and...

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Driving like a fiend

Posted by on Jun 18, 2005 in Journal

Hwy. 1, I85, I95, Hwy. 15, 390 11:25 PM My car and I were in a zone. I made the drive from Raleigh, NC to Rochester, NY. Mapquest says 640 miles, 11 hours and 50 minutes. I did it in 10 and a half. I made one stop. Only one stop in all of those miles. I refueled the car gas tank and defueled my gas tank in Gettysburg, PA. Other than that it was me and a lot of broken lines. I am whipped. I got to Rochester at about 7:30. My aunt greeted me and told me to come over for some food. They had a dinner party planned but a few people couldn’t make it. I changed from shorts to jeans and joined...

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