Angel House

Happened: 4/23. Posted: 4/25.

I woke up earlier than normal, close to 7:00. My hope was to go on the Ridge to catch the sunrise. I should probably explain what the Ridge is. Angel House sits in front of a rise in the land. The land is a barrier, with Angel House on one side, woods and trails in the middle, and the Rocky River below on the other side. Walking out of the back of Angel House, you pass a vortex spot and then cross a meandering creek on a bridge. A few more paces on the dirt trail lead to maybe 10 wooden steps. Turning right, you walk on an incline, with the river on your left. Rising higher, Angel House and the barn can be seen on the right, below you. You walk parallel to the river until you hit the Ridge. This is the pinnacle of the trail.

At the ridge to the right of the trail is a medicine wheel. The traditional Indian rock formation is designed to join energies with nature. Set up to the left of the trail is a wood and metal bench, like you’d see in many backyards. A few paces more on the trail are benches, made up of stumps of log and long flat rocks.

I hit the Ridge sometime before 7:30. There were a few clouds, but it was evident that the sun would be shining. I spent some time being quiet, listening to the chirping birds and swaying trees. There were still no leaves in bloom. I asked for guidance on my book and what was going to come next. I walked on the trail past the benches and medicine wheel down to the end of the trail, which stops where the river turns at a 30 degree angle, forming the parallel spot where the benches are.

I spent a few minutes staring up and down in my own personal set of nature. The sun was peeking in and out of the clouds. I had brought a South Beach bar with me for breakfast and ate it. My water was back at the benches. I went back and sat down on the metal bench with a pad of paper and Michael’s book. My water tasted good.

I estimated the Rocky River was 100 feet below me. Because of the height, I could not hear the great audio of water flowing over rocks below. The water is 25 feet wide and only a few feet deep at the most.

Slowly pacing around the area, I focused on a spot near where the river bends. It was here that the sun was reflecting off of the water. It was bright and I went to one of the stone benches and sat. I stared at the light and cleared my mind.

As I stared and focused, the light in the water became brighter than it was. The spot of light was large. It was hard to gauge the size, but it was a more than five feet long and then was slightly less in width. At first glance, I thought it was an undefined, hazy cross. I even remember wondering, “Is that a cross?” But I deduced the arms of the T were too angled to be a cross. They sprouted out from the base in a 45 degree angle.

I continued to relax and stare at the light. The directional flow of the river went from the top of the cross like object to below it. If you picture a cross, the water flowed from head to foot. The light on the spot grew brighter and brighter. The sun was already out and the areas around me and the water did not get as bright as this spot.

Above the cross spot, the same bright light began to pepper the water. My first thought was that it was fish pecking up from the bottom. Then the number of specks of the bright light increased dramatically. I later described it as many pin pricks of light on the water, spread out in no shape or fashion above the cross spot. The pricks of light were lit and went out very quickly. My next thought it was flies or bugs hitting the water. The light of the cross area grew brighter as did the prick spots. There was nothing else different happening around those spots.

Like a dimmer switch, the lighted areas grew more luminous. I felt warm and peaceful. Because of the flashing on and off the specks (the cross always stayed lit) my next thought was that it was raining. I looked up from the lighted area and saw some streaking. It wasn’t defined like a rain storm or a trailer from a shooting star, but I sensed rain. Yet, there were no clouds above us. I looked directly above me and saw light falling in specks toward me. It was not rain. I looked to my right hand, palm facing the earth. On my right knuckles a few drops of light bounced and then went out. I smiled and turned my hand. It was raining particles of light.

I looked back to the spot on the water. The luminous area was beautiful. Then the specks of light began to slow down in number and volume. They began to move slowly toward the cross like light until the specks stopped altogether. I followed the specks to the cross spot. In the same brightness the cross spot became very clear. In the light was not a cross, but the shape of an angel!

The angel formation did not rise up from the water or anything like that. The light was in the same spot, but there was an angel. The 45 degrees were for the wings. It didn’t last long, maybe a second or two. I do not remember a face. The wings were what stood out. And the sight caused me to say out loud, “Oh, that’s what that was.” Meaning, oh, that was an angel.

I had never seen anything like that before in my life. I was not overtaken by any strong feelings or any surge of energy, just a peace and warmth. The luminous light began to fade away, leaving the typical reflection of the sun from earlier, still in the same spot. As I looked up, you could have drawn a straight line from the sun, to the spot of the water where the angel reflected (the head and feet of the angel were pointed toward me), to me.

I didn’t think much of it other than the light was bright and cool and peaceful. The raining of light on my hand was pretty awesome. I sat for a few more minutes. I took a deep breath and got ready for the day, walking back down to Angel House.

I told Carol and a few people about it. She called it “the energy of the ridge and nature” and said she was glad I had experienced something like that. As I said, I didn’t think a whole lot about it, I just felt peaceful. But she was fired up and that caused me to become excited at what had happened.

Since then, as other people have gotten very excited at the story of the light I saw, the cynic in me has tried to reason out what it was. It could have been the angle of the sun or ripples in the water. I don’t know. All I know is I saw a luminous, bright, warm light I had never seen before and the image of an angel. I had no motivation to see something like this or to make it up, so I’ll surmise that I had an amazing experience. And I wouldn’t mind seeing that light again.