2:43 PM

The day before a trip is always busy. Today, I woke up early to avoid the midday heat and hit the beach, raking and cleaning up leaves and sticks for the 4th of July Party. There is still a lot to do on that front.

I think I mentioned last week I’m doing some management consulting at a company (based on book #2). That is a full bore project that is occupying a lot of my brain.

And I’ve been preparing for a new fork in my road. A few weeks ago I was asked to visit Berea, OH, (just south of Cleveland) this upcoming weekend and share my story and those of my interviewees with high school and college students via a catholic church. A while back I gave a talk at Penn State to a similar group and really enjoyed it. But this is different because it is part of a weekend long retreat and I have more than my customary hour.

I am excited by the chance to have the time to really connect with young people on their own road to a career and life of passion and purpose. And it sounds like the group will not be huge, which means we can do more interactive and group stuff.

In this Journal I haven’t talked a whole lot about the spiritual part of my road. I won’t go into great detail now, other than to say during the time in Charlotte when I was wondering why I wasn’t happy and then when I was trying to decide if I was really going to leave my job and the life I’d created, there was a lot of conversations going on with God. I was doing all of the talking, but I think there was someone listening. I begged for Him to show me my purpose. I think He did.

So now I prepare for this weekend. That means laundry right now… And then more on the ppt and discussions.

See you in Berea.