Rochester, NY

3:12 PM

I have 20 minutes before I load up my car and take off for the Chase Corporate Challenge. This is a huge event that is geared to raise money for charity. This is my first year, but I’m pretty excited to part of a worldwide thing. Check out the cities on the list.

Mar 1 Johannesburg

May 3 Singapore

May 24 Chicago

May 31 Rochester

Jun 7 Buffalo

Jun 13 Frankfurt

Jun 20 & 21 New York

Jun 26 Syracuse

Jun 28 Boston

Jul 11 & 12 London

Sep 19 San Francisco

Oct 6 Championship

Nov 14 Sydney

The event is a 3.5 mile run. In Rochester there are supposed to be over 10,000 entrants. Here is a link:

I work out, but am not a runner. We’ll see how I do. It will be fun no matter how fast or slow I make it.