8:50 AM

The day before a trip is always busy and today is no different. I can hear the washing machine going downstairs, my to do list continues to go in the wrong direction, and the always important final walk throughs on my power points await. I am always excited to get back on the road and this time is no different. I may be more pumped because I feel like I have been cooped up for a while. Some of my friends would laugh at that comment, but going from the activity I was used to and the sporadicity of now, it’s different.

The first leg of the trip is Memphis, TN. I can’t wait to meet my new nephew. My nieces are always a joy. And it is always great to see my brother and sister in law as well as my Memphis friends. My bro and I may try and sneak out to the golf course. I think we’ll go to the church I used to go to when I lived in Memphis. And a recent development I am excited about is that I am going to interview one of the authors of the book, “Contended Cows Give Better Milk.” The book talks about the positive impact for companies who motivate their employees. The interview took shape in a whirlwind, but it is set for Monday morning at 7:30 AM.

As soon as that is over I’ll be in the car heading east on I-40, to my old school city of Little Rock, AR. That afternoon I’ll be playing in the 7th annual Paul Dunn Golf Classic. Paul is a fraternity brother of mine who was a couple of years older than me. I graduated school in 1998. He was diagnosed with ALS in 2000 and lost his battle in 2002. I have played in a few of the classics and it will be great to get back and see a lot of my friends and give some props to a great guy.

I also have two talks scheduled in Little Rock. The first is at a mortgage company, centered on my travels and interviews, but focused on the companies I have learned about. It sounds like they have things rolling over there and this will help reinforce. Then I go back to my alma mater for a talk to the McNair Scholars Program. I am excited to meet these students. They are trail blazers and either first generation students or come from lower income levels. They are already people living with passion, but my interviewees will show them what they can accomplish when they stay the course.

This is exactly what I see in the future. Sharing my experiences and interviewee stories with diverse groups of people. Enough writing. Time to get ready. Enjoy the weekend.