11:01 PM

I think my first iPod experience was on the road, in the summer of ’04, just outside of Boston at my cousin Kelle’s house. Her husband Tod had one and was scrolling through all of his music. He explained what an iPod was and how much storage there was and how he could have all of his John Prine music at once. I didn’t truly grasp it until many months later. It was also my first John Prine experience as well.

Tonight I am in possession of my first iPod. I don’t own it, I’ve borrowed it for my NYC trip tomorrow. I was able to build my own playlist so I’ll be rocking with my own beats on the subways and down Broadway. I felt like a dork when she was trying to explain the system to me. At first, my typical good hand eye coordination handled the scrolling with as much grace as Shaq on the foul line. But after a few swoops around the circle, I got the hang of it.

There is no doubt I have to get one of these things. The true test will be tomorrow in the Big Apple, in the cold. I’ll have my gloves and my clumsy virgin iPod out, trying to get the volume right or the artist I want.

But, it’s better than the Walkman I was walking NYC with when I was on the road there.

Time to try and sleep. Big day tomorrow. 5:45 AM wake up call. That doesn’t mix for the night owl that I am, but the adrenaline will be pumping all day.