Baltimore, MD

9:35 AM

Back at it. Still a little groggy, but a night of sleep, a shower and a protein shake have helped. I’m letting traffic die down before I head south towards and past DC and down to Wilmington. I’ll be vesting my cousin Morgan who is a student at UNC Wilmington. I’ll be living the college life for a day. That should be fun, but I can’t get too wrapped up in it because I have to be on the road by 9 AM on Friday. I can’t relive my days when I would have just gone to bed at 9AM.

Baltimore is a fun town. There are a ton of young people who are very active. It reminds me a lot of Charlotte, except here it is more relaxed. People are out in sneakers and jeans and long sleeve t’s in the Harbor town. Charlotte was more of a slacks and button down thing, not that I minded that, but jeans are more my style right now. We were pretty laid back last night, but still had a beer more than we should have. No pain today, just not on top of my game yet.

I was in a rush to get here yesterday because of the O’s game, so my car is on E. I’ll hit a station before I head out. When I first set this trip up I worried quite a bit about the gas prices. Rita put a scare into me. If she did what Katrina did, I would have been paying 4 and 5 dollars a gallon. That may have ended the trip right there. I have budgeted for 3 and so far everything I’ve seen in PA and Maryland says under 3. PA was in the 2.60’s and the one I saw around here is 2.80 something.