9:22 AM

I’m back in NY. It’s cold. My final day down south was 60 degrees. Not bad considering we are excited for 30′s.

My travel day was long and had some quirks. My 2 1/2 hour drive from Memphis to the Little Rock airport was uneventful. I said goodbye to my G6 and was happy to see they had charged me less than I expected.

Lunch was an overpriced turkey sandwich, chips, and water from the Starbuck’s in the airport. What a rip. $11 for all of it. The turkey covered 1/2 of the bread.

I was in the A group on my Southwest flight and looked forward to sitting on the window, by myself. When I boarded the plane there were already people seated from a previous flight. They were on their way to Baltimore. I did get a window, but had people right next to me.

I caught up on my Sports Illustrated and we arrived in Baltimore 20 minutes early. This got my brain moving. We landed at 5:30. My flight into Buffalo was not scheduled until 9:25. That’s a long time. I have a friend in Baltimore, but had not contacted him about getting together. Too short of notice. So I talked to the ticket agent and they had a 6:10 to Buffalo. This was great, except my bags would arrive on the 9:25 flight.

A call was placed to a friend in Buffalo. He had some time and said he would pick me up at the airport until my bags and my parents arrived to pick me up. I hopped on the earlier flight and arrived in Buffalo at 7:20. J picked me up and we went to a place on Elmwood Ave. called Coles. Chill jazz music piped in through the speakers and their beer selection was very diverse. I had a beverage and a black and bleu burger. Rather than sitting by myself for 3 hours in the airport, I got to see some of Buffalo and catch up with a friend.

My bags arrived on time and I made it home past midnight, wiped out. For as long of a day as it was, it was easier than driving the 16 hours. Now I have a ton to catch up on.