1:24 AM

I just finished watching Before Sunset, the sequel to Before Sunrise. The first movie is about two strangers who meet on a train in Europe and the hours they spend together before a plane takes one of them away. Movie two takes place after they meet 9 years later, and one of the two has written a best selling book about their night together. There is some deep dialogue in both and the scenery is excellent, not that I’ve been to Paris.

I am not sure of the true points of the movie, but to me it is all about chance and the things that may or may not play out because of that chance. It can be applied to love, sex, and life in general. These two characters connected with each other 9 years ago and reconnected again. They talked about how few people you truly connect with over life. That is scary and also powerful.

I don’t have someone from 9 years ago that I shared hours of emotional connection to and then never saw again. I do have a swim I wish I would’ve taken the offer up on many years ago, but chance did not allow that to happen. You wonder what would have happened if a haze was not over me that evening. As I write that, it is not fair to single any one moment out. There are so many forks that lead to what if’s and what might have been’s. Would a different fork have changed life in a good way or a bad way?

But all you can do is wonder. You can’t worry or think about it. Movies are movies. But what tonight says to me is you should make the most of your connections, live in the now, even if they are flying out on a plane. You can apply it to jobs and so many things, the what if. But all you can do is wonder. I am not sure where it gets you.

I need to go to bed.