Rochester, NY

4:03 PM

Today is my birthday. I am 32. That doesn’t seem right. I sure don’t feel it. Those more experienced than me say that’s how it works. And they say the years go faster and faster. This one didn’t seem overly fast. And I have to say I enjoyed it.

I just came inside from chilling on the beach. The forecast said low 80′s. There is a slight breeze. And prior to that I was on the golf course with my dad, his friend Dave, and my friend Dave. Later is steak dinner with the family and then ice cream cake.

Birthdays = Reflection for me. Since IamOntheRoad was born I was in Little Rock, AR for my day in 2004. I was doing a photo shoot for a magazine in Asheville, NC in 2005. And I was in Rochester doing the same thing I am doing today last year. And it’s weird how I wrote last year that I was waiting for my book to go from neutral to drive. Well, I am no longer in neutral, having an agent changes that, but it still baffles me that I am humming along in 1st gear. I don’t really understand the book business, but it will be a great day when we find a partner. I know I could publish this on my own and move on to the next phase, but that’s not what I see in my vision.

I do like how my birthdays are no longer spent thinking about past regrets, but filled with grand plans for the future. I think Toyota’s tagline is a good one, “Moving Forward.” That is a good way to be.

There are more interviews, speaking and sharing on the horizon. And I’ve been busy. This site will be getting a facelift shortly. My book website will be coming online shortly. And my business blog will become public shortly. So I may be in 1st gear, but I’m preparing to start shifting.

It’s nice to be in town with family and friends on my birthday, but at the same time, the road still calls. I just agreed to do a speaking session down near Cleveland at the end of the month. That will be nice. I’m also looking forward to doing a sweat lodge, which is part of the Native American culture, while I’m there.

Time to get away from the office and enjoy the rest of the day.