Rochester, NY

12:25 PM

I have been a writing machine this week. Part One of the book is much improved and ready to go back to my editor friends. I should have Part Three ready for eyes other than mine before my weekend begins tonight. Part Two is just about ready. Wow, I guess this means my book is almost there. It is almost ready to be shared. Oh yeah, I guess I should talk about the book. I haven’t really delved into it much.

Part One goes into detail about my life in Charlotte, my job in Charlotte, and what led up to me ultimately resigning from the perfect job to embark on the journey you have read about. I put you there as it all unfolds.

Part Two is 90% of the book and follows me over 40,000 miles of travel, but the true focus is to share the stories, knowledge and advice from my interview subjects. I have learned so much from my journey and it would not be fair to keep it all for me. Passionate people are intoxicating.

Part Three, still unedited, gives 10 lessons I learned on how others can think about, plan, and find their purpose and passion.

My focus and energy seems to come in waves and this week was one of intense work. My writing has caused the week to fly by but I still carved out some time for some hoops. Last night was an incredible night of college basketball. JJ Redick lost some draft positions last night. Duke lost me my bracket. Gonzaga still has to be sick by their crumbling choke. And Texas will ride their last second shot to a win over LSU.

Weekend is here. Enjoy it.