Charlotte, NC

10:37 AM

A weekend back in a town where you lived is never enough. I visited with as many people as I could, and as is typically the case, I couldn’t fit them all in. My family was first on Friday night. Then the post-wedding shower that was the main reason for my trip on Saturday. I saw a lot of friends and met a lot of new ones. It was a fun night that ran from 6:30 PM to 1:30 AM. I never made it to the other party. Golf came early the next morning. A 9:20 tee time did nothing to stop the 95 degree heat and 95 percent humidity. That type of weather used to not affect me. I guess my blood has become northernized because I melted out there. I had 2 birdies on the front side and then hit the wall, making one par on the back. Most of the 8 went on for 27 holes, no way I could do it. Shower and AC was all I wanted. After a cool down, we went over to friends for a BBQ. And here I am today, waiting for my ride to the airport.

My draw to Charlotte is still there. The growth and the energy of prosperity grab you. Everywhere you go there is construction both commercially and residentially. It makes me wish I had talked more with my brother about going in on a place downtown when I was living here. The value would have skyrocketed. I wonder where I would be if I had stayed here. Would I still be at the same job? What I would I be doing with all the commission checks? Would I be married and living in the suburbs like many of my friends? Would I have a BMW or Lexus like they do?

As I ask those questions, it would be easy for me to pack up, move back down here, get my things out storage, and go back to a sales job. I could do it. I’ve been offered to do it. But I’m not there. If I don’t give the book and the speaking and the consulting and whatever comes next the time to develop, I will regret it. Just like I thought I would regret it if I didn’t give all of this stuff up in the first place to hit the road to try and answer my questions. I’ve answered them; it’s just a matter of staying the course. As that voice said in Field of Dreams, “Go the distance…”