12:50 AM

I hit Send/Receive on my Outlook and goodie, 1 out of 6, then 2, then all 6 are in. What luck! I have a bevvie of new opportunities. Oh my gosh, the SuperFormula Power Pack is available! I have been waiting on that email for months. Sweet, Hsiu just sent me the critical link to the website that has Logo, stationer (not stationery), website design and so much more! G. Santiago sent me that stock tip I’ve been waiting all week on. Time to catch the wave that millions are riding. Buy buy buy. Gunnhild H. responded to that email I don’t remember sending. What was the Pharmacy Pinch I emailed this stranger about? I better open it up and find out. My boy S. Norman always has my back and sent me an important message, VIP Watches – LOW Price! And as asked for, Leatric sent me my tip of the day on how to Impress Her! Cialis, Viagara, it’s all at my fingertips.

My email just gets better by the second. I can’t wait to hear from Tracy Z about the piece of candy and become ready for 36 hours of love. Awesome! And I can always upgrade my software, enhance my web presence, update my Ebay account, and so much more. I never knew I was so popular. Email is great. I better get back to responding to my ever expanding posse of new friends.