Syracuse, NY

11:22 PM

I will start off with a Happy Easter. I am on basketball overload. I can’t remember the NCAA Tourney being so fun. I have watched 3 OT games in 2 days and saw my Heels make it to the Final Four in St. Louis. And I saw them do it from 9 rows off the court. Awesome. It doesn’t get much better than that.

We made it to Syracuse today at 11:30. We got an earlier start than most of the people we knew who were going. Josh came instead of Rob today. We made it to Chuck’s and were the first ones in and ordered the first pitch of the day. Lunch was good and we got a table this time. The game tipped at 2:40 and we were in the primo seats by 2:20. The atmosphere was electric. The Heels were supposed to win and came out with a fire. I won’t relive the game, other than saying they would jump out to a lead and Wisconsin would keep it close. In the end, the Wisconsin guy in the bar was wrong. He predicted Wisconsin would win by 6. I think he had one too many bloody mary’s. Heels by 6.

The best part was after the game. We were in the UNC section and the players cheered in front of us. They cut down the nets. You could tell the joy and I bet some relief they had. On to St. Louis for the boys in blue.

If they win the title and play Illinois, I may win my bracket. I put a few pictures in the gallery. It is maybe ¾ of the way down. I realize the gallery is too big and has no labels. I’m working on it.

My contacts itch and it is time to relax. No more driving or basketball for a few days.

What an amazing weekend to share with my dad and my friends.