Rochester, NY

1:24 PM

The sea is angry today. Frances has caused the lake to rage outside of the windows here. My typing is flowing more freely for this than the book. So I will go with it for a few.

I saw the Butterfly Effect with my cousin Kyle a couple of days ago. Much better than I thought. Weird, but I like those kind of movies. Tonight is a big night. NFL kicks off! Sundays won’t be the same. I will know gain a few pounds sitting in the chair next to Dad on Sundays. I’m heading over to my sisters for the game. Pizza and wings and fantasy football action.

My starters in our 10 team league:

QB Marc Bulger

RB Fred Taylor

RB Marshall Faulk

WR Eric Moulds

WR Steve Smith

WR Charles Rogers

K Adam Vinateri

D St. Louis

Should be a fun season.

I got back from a Hyundai dealership not too long ago. I proposed a marketing day for me and them. I’ll let you know if it pans out. It would help them sell cars and me get my name out there.

I’m working on their corporate as well.

Back to writing. The weather sucks. The waves look and sound cool. I almost went in yesterday. They may be 4 feet, which is high for the Lake. The neighbor boys were out in it yesterday and I almost joined them. You should see all of the jet ski’s and hoists are out of the water, on land. It’s powerful.

Everyone calls him Psycho. See ya later, Frances.