Rochester, NY

—Read UK before this one—

11:46 PM

Why is that when you host people from out of town, you tend to do things you normally wouldn’t? On a Thursday, there is no way I would’ve done all that we did. I went for the first time to the Greece, NY History Museum. The guide gave Charles and I our own tour. He was most intrigued by the old 8 mile trolley. I was most intrigued by the old maps that showed where my ancestors used to own huge amounts of land.

After that I drove into the heart of downtown Rochester and played tour guide while Charles videotaped. He wanted to compare Rochester, NY to the Rochester in the UK. I introduced him to Thai food for lunch and then we hit the day before the Lilac Festival. If you are not located around here, the Lilac Festival takes place on acres and acres of park centered around, you guessed it, hundreds of lilac bushes. It is a strange sensory thing when you walk along a path and are hit with the soothing lilac odor. The purples and whites were gorgeous. There are also many other types of flowers, plants, and trees to be seen. The festival starts tomorrow, which means the bands, carnival type food and drink, and lots of people. I kind of liked the pre-party, not so much of a crowd.

Batavia called and we met his Buffalo host, Karen, at Pontillo’s for pizza. She and I were both jazzed about the Sabres hockey playoff series starting, but they didn’t have any TV’s. We ate a Charles pizza concoction of ham, meatball, and mushroom (it was quite good) and parted ways. He is off to Buffalo for the weekend, then flies to Orlando, then Dallas for storm chasing, and then Iowa. I know there are many American workers who would love a one month holiday.

I listened to the Sabres on the radio. It did not sound pretty. They lost 5-2.

And there we have it. I am wiped out. Hosting is a lot of fun, but incredibly tiring.

I misspelled this yesterday, “Tar!”