Rochester, NY

2:42 PM

Warm weather is almost here. I ate lunch outside on the deck for the first time today. Lake Ontario lapped its beautiful song to me. The birds got reacquainted with human activity on the beach. Soon we will have 80 degrees. Shorts and sunburns will follow. A few rounds of golf here and there. Many friends coming over to sit and relax. A horseshoe tournament. A clam bake. A constantly fired up grill. I’m ready. But for now, I’ll keep working.

Hockey is on tonight. I’ve never been a big NHL guy, but most of my friends are Buffalo Sabre fans. I’ve hopped on the bandwagon. If you love energy and passion, playoff hockey has it. Better than any reality show on TV, although not as many scantly dressed women doing weird quests and stunts.

More work to do. It’s great to see people make strides. The company I am working with is motivated. And I think they are seeing the results. The road is long, but with some work, it gets easier.