Fredonia, NY

Happy Memorial Day. It’s crazy for me to think back to a year ago. I was in the meat of my hardcore travel trip and was in Arkansas. I spent Memorial Day at my friend King’s place. What a place it is.

This year I’ll be spending it at a place I’ve never been, Fredonia, NY. Most of you haven’t heard of that, but it is about 30 or 40 minutes south of Buffalo, NY. Some friends from Charlotte are getting married up there. A few others I know will be making the trip. I won’t know that many people, the wedding couple, another couple, and my recent lady friend, other than that, I don’t think anyone. I’m not worried about it. If their friends are anything like them, I’ll have a lot of new friends after this.

I drive off today at about noon for a BBQ that starts around 2. The wedding is on Sunday. They did that so people could travel and what not. This should be fun. Also interesting because we’re staying at the lady’s mom’s house. I’ve never met her.

Time to go to to get some gifts, shower up, press the suit, pack up, and hit the road. Enjoy your Memorial Day, wherever it takes you…