Lake Ontraio, NY

10:22 PM

It doesn’t get much better than a sunny 85 degree day. I was late in rounding folks up, but I had some people over the Memorial Day holiday. There were about ten of us who sat in the sun and walked the beach. Lake Ontario is still cold, so there was no swimming, but I did put my feet in as we walked. Chicken marinated and the horseshoes clanged as the day wore on. From there, it was feeding time. I manned the grill which was filled with lemon pepper chicken. We also had tossed and pasta salad.

My shoulders and back have a slight burn. I had sun block on, but it was old stuff and I think it lost some of its magic. This is the summer of the beach. If I have to be off of the road, then we are going to make this place as fun and happening as possible. Bring on the summer.

Also, we can’t forget why so many people have the day off today. This is the day for all of the people who went to war for our country and our beliefs. I know this is a time that many of us are questioning some of the decisions that have been made by the people of power, but the people on the line, the ones who didn’t have the political power to get a deferment, the ones who gave up their life for others, that is why we get to sit on the beach and barbeque today. We should never forget about the people who sacrificed everything for a cause. That is as passionate as it gets.