It’s been a move week. I watched Hotel Rwanda on Monday and National Treasure on Tuesday. Yes, I know, two very diverse movies. If you want a predictable, entertaining Hollywood blockbuster, then Rwanda must be watched. Kidding. National Treasure is good for mindless entertainment.

Now, I watched Hotel Rwanda by myself. I started it at about 10:30 PM. If you haven’t seen it, it is the story of one man as he protects his family and others during civil war/genocide. If you live in the U.S., you might not know what a real genocide is. I didn’t grasp it until I saw this movie. I may have heard the term about things in Iraq or the Holocaust, but I didn’t associate it until know. From what I understand, genocide is when people in close proximity try to cleanse the earth of another group. Try to make them extinct. Sick, Crazy, and Gross.

The movie is as powerful as I’ve seen lately. I never watch the end of DVD Features, but I was up until 1:30 AM watching the real Paul talk about the trials and tribulations they faced as nearly 1,000,000 people were being slaughtered around them. No one, not the U.N., the United States, the French (who assisted the killers) or anyone else helped. They knew what was happening as they sat and watched. Only if Rwanda had something of value to offer. Maybe like oil…

That is easy to say from my perspective. The governments can probably make an argument as to why they sat and watched. I am not sure how strong of a case they can make knowing what we know, but I’m sure there are reasons.

Off of the soapbox. Watch this movie. It will make you think about how much more of the world there is out there. It will make you think how blessed you are that you are reading this website, rather than living in Rwanda.