Rochester, NY

11:25 PM

My coach has a group of up and coming executives she coaches. She invited me to come to their group and hear a speaker, a guy named Joe Dillon. The bio she sent said his topic was Producing Peak Performance.

I am one who looks for ways to increase my performance, so I RSVP’d yes. I read his bio further and was intrigued to find out he has been speaking for over 20 years. His brand of peak performance seemed to come from the physical side of things. He’s a former Marine Corps fitness instructor and has trained 22 Olympic Gold-medal winning athletes. That sold me right there. If this guy has trained gold medal winners, I want his knowledge.

I arrived to the meeting close to 8:30 AM. I was my usual non-morning person self, but I was more with it than normal. I was very interested to hear what he said. We were set up in a U around a power point projector. There was a tall guy in black pants and a tight fitting black shirt at the front of the room. I assumed that was Joe. I didn’t go up and say anything, but I did size him up. I noticed he was very trim and the tight shirt showcased biceps and triceps I would kill to have, although it would look funny on my skinny body.

Joe dove right in on what he’s done with his life. He used to be a smoker. He used to be a vegan. He isn’t those anymore. I would classify him as a brick house. 6’2, 185, with 7% body fat. To top that, he is 61 years old. I was stunned at the specimen that was talking to us. I was more stunned by the picture of his 48 year old girlfriend he showed us (10& body fat, but not overly muscular).

I have long ago realized my body does not permit me to be an adonis, body builder. I did not come to the meeting with that in mind. I came to the meeting with my mind in mind. If I can do some things to get an edge in terms of energy, focus, and mental capacity, I wanted it.

Joe talked for 3 hours. I took copious notes. He left us with his power point presentation. He also left us with a lot of knowledge. Knowledge the people of our country need to hear. I won’t spout out Joe Dillon 101, but I will say I came home and threw out a lot of the things in the cupboards and fridge. I also was surprised to know he was not preaching weights and 30 hours of exercise each week. He is all about nutrition first.

I went out after dinner and bought some protein shake supplement, some distilled water, and some good fat oil. There is a lot to do from here on in. As Joe said, it is on us. We decided what we want to eat.

When his website is up and his book is out, I will check it out and probably recommend it. We’ll see what Joe Dillon can do for me and my mind.