Rochester, NY

11:42 PM

What a day. I got up, ate breakfast with my brother and hopped on the ferry. What a beautiful sunny day in NYC. I met up with the head of marketing for a large national company at about 10. We hadn’t met before, but had talked on the phone on multiple occasions. It was good to meet him and put a face with a name. He turned out to be a nice guy. I am not sure why I thought a top dog would not be nice, but he was. Maybe I was just nervous. I also met some people from his group. He and I spent close to two hours talking. I brought him a proposal that may lead to some good things for I am On the Road.

I had to jet out of there at noon so I could catch my flight back to Rochester for my talk at St. John Fisher. The talk was at 7 PM. My flight was on time and I even had time to drive home and change out of my suit and eat a little. I made it to school right on time, 6:30. The talk went well. It was not as attended as Geneseo, but the room was a lot smaller. It was more intimate. There were also people out of college that attended. It was cool to see and hear their reaction. It all went well. The students had some good questions and gave me some good input on a few ideas.

To sum up a major day in my journey in two paragraphs is weak, but my eyes are closing. The emotions of this morning teamed with the travel and the speaking have me spent. I’ll try to write more about it. As I say that, it is rare I go back, but who knows.