Snowy Rochester, NY

5:07 PM

The winter storm has arrived. As I got into my car at 4:30 AM last night, it read -5 degrees. Ladies can cause you to stay up way too late. We’re supposed to get 10 to 20 inches of snow tonight. Ouch.

I have a party to go to later. It is within a few miles from here, so I think I’m going. It will be fun to see a lot of girls I went to high school with. This is my reunion weekend. I have the party tonight and last night was a dinner with a different group of girls and their husbands. We had a great time. There were new baby’s to congratulate and a new marriage proposal. It was good for the mothers to get out and be with a non kid group for an extended period. I ate a baked halibut stuffed with crabmeat. The meal was OK and the crabmeat was not really stuffed into it, it was more scooped on top of it. I can be anal about food sometimes. We all hit the bar after dinner and played some darts. I was the first one to leave, so I could meet up with the 4:30 person.

I can’t get too detailed as I’m still tired from my late bedtime. Time to hit the shower and get ready for another reunion. Hopefully the roads will be OK. Stay warm.