Syracuse, NY

1:25 PM

My dad and I have about 20 minutes until we leave. I have to go into my job for a minute and then we are off to Caytie’s to pick up Bryan and Rob. From there we go due east for about 105 minutes and reach our final destination of the Sweet 16 in Syracuse. We go there not knowing where our tickets will be. Dad and I are a bit nervous because the seats at the carrier dome can by way high. We were there one time when I was growing up and we just walked up up and up. It was scary looking down at the rows of seats in front of you. I felt like a blimp.

We’ll see where we are at. I bet they are pretty good. So we get to see North Carolina play Villanova and NC State play Wisconsin. The first game tonight, NCS-WIS, should be close, but very slowly played. They are both plodders. If it is close that will be fun. The Tar Heels come on close to 10:00. I hope my dad can stay awake. We’ll be trying to feed him beers though.

I will be bummed if they lose. They have far superior talent to Villanova, especially with them losing their top player to a knee injury. If the Heels don’t make it to the Final Four with the draw they are facing, it may be as bad as them losing to Utah a few years ago.

I am not sure how I feel about this happening falling on Easter weekend. We have tickets for both days, so if the Heels win tonight, we’ll be back on Easter Sunday. I don’t feel family oriented for that, but to see an Elite 8 with your favorite team in it is a small chance. I hope the rest of the family understands.

Time to get ready. I have my Tar Heel blue shirt on. My camera is in tow. Go Heels!