Rcohester, NY

10:10 AM

Memories can make you young again. Last night I was sent back 11 years. I was back in high school. Josh and I were over at Lynne’s house where Beth was sleeping over. We, and others, used to hang around a lot, before life made us grow up and have to decide things. This was part of my group. I used to talk and the phone with Lynne for all hours. She would have to hear me complain about things. I guess I still do that. It’s funny how I used to be able to talk on the phone for hours and hours. Now 10 minutes is a long one.

This is 2004. We went to Lynne’s house. She’s married. We played with her baby, Jenna, She is a smiley joy. Josh and I had a beer or two. We ate a big meal. We sat around the kitchen table. I told this last night I felt like we were in the Big Chill house. We laughed our butts off. We rehashed the party days. Who we liked. Who kissed who. I had a great time.

After dinner and once Jenna was asleep. Lynne got out some photo albums. What a riot. Here I am, baby faced, hat on backwards, skinny, but smiling. There were pictures from Myrtle Beach, from high school, from right after amongst many more. There were senior ball pictures (I was a fool for not going) and various wedding pictures. I was totally sent down memory lane.

I was a wild man and I knew a lot of people. They all played in my mind yesterday and last night. The girls I was in love with. The people I partied. My locker combination, which I still know. The girls I messed around with. Friends who are no longer with us. The teachers. The halls of big Greece Olympia. My junior prom (I went to that one). Basketball games. Everything was there. And it was awesome.

I had a great time last night and I had a great time then. The innocence you have in high school, you can never replace it. You can never explain it to those who have it because they are in the innocence. People tried to explain it to me and I nodded, but for the most part it went in one ear and out the other. The walk down the lane is one that makes you think how fast the years go by.

We lose touch with people. Get over your ego. Get over your pride or whatever it is. Call someone you share those times with. Email them. You will laugh your butt off and the movie that plays in your head will make you lose a few years.

Enough of that. It’s been a great week. I’ve been churning out chapters. I’m making great progress. In listening to the interviews again, it makes me truly understand why people are excited about this. I’ve met and talked to some amazing folks. It’s fun going back and rehashing the trip.

I’ll be rehashing a little bit in person this weekend. I’m going with my parents down to Gettysburg, PA. I’ll be staying with my hosts that put me up when I was there. My dad will see his alma mater. I’ll get to see who he was before he was Dad. The places he went to eat. The places he partied at. I think we’re going to meet the people he used to live with at a boarding house (the owners). And then he will have a cousin’s reunion. It will be cool to see all of this, and go back to the battle field.

On a lighter note, I went and saw anchorman on Wednesday night. If you’re in the right frame of mind for a stupid movie that takes place in the 70’s, I recommend it. It had some hilarious parts. It’s not masterpiece theatre, but you can’t go there with that expectation.

I’m off to golf with my Uncle Bill and then head to Becky’s tonight for a dinner sware’ and then taking it easy. I’m getting up early to make the drive to Gettysburg.

Enjoy your weekend.