Lake Ontario

2:38 PM

It looks like Spring has finally come to upstate NY. I just came in from a walk. It is a 60 degree day with minimal clouds and light wind. Walking outside, the birds were chirping in full force. It had been many months since I’ve heard their chatter. The trees don’t have their leaves yet and the grass still is sopping wet from the melted snow. I walked on the beach, with Lake Ontario bounding onto the beach.

Driftwood, remnants of the powerful winter storms and currents, was strewn about the walk. In front of our houses were a few big ones, which I dug up and lugged to the bonfire area. Some of the logs were too heavy to carry, even for a powerhouse like me. I had to flip them over, end by end, to get them to dry land.

The lake is nice this time of year. There are no boats or jet skis speeding about. There are no hoists in the water. It’s just you, the beach, and the waves. As I wait to hear back on what happens next in my life, the walk was a good mind clearer.