12:52 AM

I wanted to talk about this, but not in the same document as my sister’s wedding.

On the road and in my life, I’ve met people whose movie hasn’t proceeded exactly like a fairy tale. Heaven has come early for spouses. Divorce is a part of life for many.

With that being said, one of my interview subjects who I respect incredibly said one of his three keys to happiness was being in a relationship. He had been widowed, grieved, and found another love. Others have had to battle through the anguish and questioning of a divorce.

However the loss occurred, the biggest thing I have learned is that second acts are allowed and can be amazing. Those who were with us previously would want us to be happy in the now. It’s never too late to start. Take the time to grieve, but don’t shut yourself down forever. There are others looking for a co-star.

Note: The above words come from a guy who has not lost a spouse, has never been divorced, and has his own relationship issues.