Baltimore, MD

12:36 AM

I’ve made it to Baltimore. What a great day for a drive. It was 75 and sunny throughout. The AC was never touched. It was a sunroof day and the windows cracked from time to time. I left at about 12:30, filled the car and made my way south. It was all down 15 until Harrisburg.

I saw some Amish buggies and some gorgeous red trees. Most of them haven’t changed yet, but the ones that have were crimson and beautiful. Give it a few weeks and you’ll see why a lot of bikers take 15.

I was more rushed than usual because we had tickets for eh Yankees Orioles game that started at 7.

The day was excellent for a drive. I was fired up because it had been a while since I’d hit the highway. G Love started me with the electric mile and then it was some Van, some Beach Boys, and some Police. It was old school day.

I arrived near 7 PM, witch was first pitch. I haven’t bee following baseball but this game meant something to NY. As it turned out, if they won, they would be in first place. It was my host John, his friend and I who went. I had set it up with the PR guy for the O’s. He didn’t comp me tix or set me up, but we still had seats. We were in the upper deck, a few rows up, just behind home plate. I won’t give you the play by play, but the Yanks are as stacked as they come in terms of talent. When your #8 hitter is Bernie Williams, something is good for you. They ended up winning 2-1.

From there it was off to the Canton area of Baltimore, which is where John lives. We hit the corner pub and then I had to eat, so we went to Looney’s for some wings. Not bad, a little spicy.

I am set up on the couch. Spider Man 2 plays on the widescreen. I am tired. John has gone down to bed. Time to post this, check email, and get ready for another 6 hours to Wilmington, NC.