Spring, Day 1

Posted by on Mar 21, 2006 in Journal

Rochester, NY 11:08 AM I’m taking a break from re-working the opening of my book. If this is the first day of spring, should I be satisfied with 34 and sunny? I guess sunny is good. I am not an economist, but I don’t understand how it is good for the people of the U.S. when I read that Wal-Mart is adding 150,000 jobs in China and Dell is adding 20,000 in India. I guess it means we can buy our things for less money. But what about those people who probably would have been one of those 170,000 jobs here? The employment cycle for hourly people has spun far away form the US. We make...

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Book Update

Posted by on Mar 20, 2006 in Journal

Rochester, NY It’s been a good but interesting morning. I just came back in from next door as my younger cousin had to file a police report on his car that was broken into last night. It is strange because this is not a normal occurrence around here. It seems like a lot of effort for a CD player that will net someone 40 or 50 bucks, but desperate people do desperate things. I took a phone call from a new acquaintance this morning who has read the opening chapters of my book. She offered some great advice and tips on how to make it better. This call, compounded by another call from Friday...

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That time of the month

Posted by on Mar 15, 2006 in Journal

March Madness 1:15 AM For weeks the dividing line has been slowly drawn. The regular season ends. The conference tournaments end. And now it is time. Wives roll their eyes at the giddiness their husbands display at their brackets and March Madness. Other wives relish the fact that their bracket is better than their husband. Bars fill with cheers and ohhs as teams get bounced and huge shots are hit. I love this time of year. My Carolina Blue is ready. Tomorrow morning is like Christmas, but different. You wake up knowing you have a full day of presents, you just don’t know what...

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St. Patty’s Day Parade

Posted by on Mar 12, 2006 in Journal

Rochester, NY Four months of cold and grey weather were thrown out the window in a big way yesterday. Rochester’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade shows that winter is almost over. The downtown streets were filled with an energy that can only come when Mother Nature decides to let you do something fun. A 60 degree sunny day, bagpipes, Guinness, and an incredible mix of people made for just the right recipe of extended fun. My friend Sean and I started at the heart of the bands, food, and drink, Milestones, at 11:30 AM. From there it was walking up and down East Ave. stopping in at...

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Dream Season Ends

Posted by on Mar 8, 2006 in Journal

Rochester, NY 1:24 AM The dream season for the Greece Athena basketball program ended tonight. I’ve been at their last 3 games, catching a glimpse of the J-Mac Fever that so many people have been enveloped in. It’s been weird for me watching the games and seeing a boom mike hanging from a 10 foot pole on the kid all game. There has been 5 and 6 cameras pointed at him for the games, following him up and down the bench, to the water cooler to get drinks for the team, and at every post game celebration and handshake they are on him. I’ve seen people stop him for autographs, for...

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