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Posted by on Jun 23, 2004 in Journal

Jamestown, NY I may be traveling the country but I learned today I don’t want to do it Forrest Gump style. Today, I was running. Anthony is training for a marathon. I am not. We left Rochester yesterday around noon. We headed to the Anchor Bar for the founding of the buffalo chicken wing. We arrived and sat down below newspaper articles and best of awards. We ordered a bucket (50) of medium and spicy BBQ. We also had 2 Labbatt Blue Light’s (my favorite beer) each. The wings took forever to come out. I’m not sure why, but maybe it was because I was asking so many questions. I really...

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Posted by on Jun 22, 2004 in Journal

Rochester, NY I’m sitting around the kitchen table, staring at the lake. The three from last night are here. It’s Tuesday, so they are talking with one of my Mom’s best friend’s, Mrs. Tomer. Mrs. Kirsch is listening in. We made it home last night just in time for mom’s lasagna. We had some Labbatt Blue Light as we walked the beach. Anthony bought a Cuban cigar from Niagara Falls, a Hoyo. He had one for my Dad for his bday, but Kennie is not a smoker. Anthony and I sparked it up. Very tasty and a little buzzie. I built a camp fire but Mother Nature pissed on me....

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Posted by on Jun 21, 2004 in Journal

Las Vegas, NV and Pittsburgh, PA Here I am, sitting in the airport, its 6:15 AM. My flight leaves at 7:30. I got here a bit early for me, but all weekend you heard about Vegas and the long lines and two hours early. I have been away from the CPU, email, news and all of that. Vegas sucks you in. I reached my Vegas capacity yesterday. I originally tried to get my ticket for departure on Sunday but they were all sold out. I tried to switch yesterday morning, but still the same deal. I type with a brain as fuzzy as I’ve had in a while. My eyes are red as the Northwest sign and dry as the air...

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Posted by on Jun 19, 2004 in Journal

Las Vegas, NV I am MTV. I am Real World. I am Vegas. I have roused up at noon (3 EST) after hitting the sheets at 4:30. The room is moving about. Some are hurting pretty bad. Most of us are just worn out. Matt and I walked around during the day yesterday. He has never been to Vegas, so I showed him some of the casinos. We went to O’Shea’s where I won a quick hungie, then I showed him the Mirage and Caesar’s. Caesar’s is immense. I’ve been in there 5 times and each time I get lost. That gets annoying, but it is a spectacle. We had to leave Caesar’s because I had a 4:30 appointment....

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Posted by on Jun 18, 2004 in Journal

Las Vegas, NV Whoa. It’s 2:00 (eastern). I’m sitting in the hotel room at Bally’s watching a little U.S. Open Golf. It’s Matt, Brandie, and Courtney from Charlotte in the room. Matt and Brandie are married. We are all friends from Charlotte who know the couple getting married (Mike and Krista). I am glad I had a free ticket. Mom, I’m not broke, but yesterday was awful. I got to the Buffalo airport at 10:00, caught my 11:00 flight to Philly, and got on the plane from Philly to Vegas at 1:00. I got into Vegas at 9:45. It’s not an 8 hour and 45 minute flight. We sat on the runway for...

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