Posted by on Aug 20, 2005 in Journal

Chili, NY 12:42 AM It’s not a bad feeling, sitting with your feet in a massager. I just got back from a night at the ladies house. I experienced my first pedicure. I’m not sure how it came about in discussion, but I said I’d never had one. I asked about what took place and what it was like. She ended up having a home pedicure kit. So I spent my night at a home spa. As I soaked my feet, the two female roommates took turns massaging each other with one of those Mr. Happy things you get for Christmas. Of course I stared intently at the two females ohhing and ahhhing. You dream...

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Posted by on Aug 18, 2005 in Journal

Lyons, NY The three guys I was with today held their breath as I recoiled from my golf swing. The ball has just sailed high and wide, very wide of the target, into the woods. They watched and waited for a reaction. Ever since I started golf all the way up to not too long ago, my reaction would’ve been a huge spike in blood pressure, followed by a club toss, and a bleep followed by more bleeps. But, I have recently found some peace of mind and with that has brought about a change on the golf course. In this instance today, one guy was particularly interested in my reaction, my dad. Today was...

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Muscle Man

Posted by on Aug 16, 2005 in Journal

Rochester, NY 11:25 PM My coach has a group of up and coming executives she coaches. She invited me to come to their group and hear a speaker, a guy named Joe Dillon. The bio she sent said his topic was Producing Peak Performance. I am one who looks for ways to increase my performance, so I RSVP’d yes. I read his bio further and was intrigued to find out he has been speaking for over 20 years. His brand of peak performance seemed to come from the physical side of things. He’s a former Marine Corps fitness instructor and has trained 22 Olympic Gold-medal winning athletes. That sold...

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Worthwhile Magazine

Posted by on Aug 15, 2005 in Journal

Barnes and Noble What a day it’s been. It started off with some early morning writing and then the final 4 action packed holes of the PGA Championship. Congrats to Lefty, although no one made him sweat. More bogies than birdies. While eating breakfast today I made the call to Barnes and Noble, “I’m checking to see if the new Worthwhile Magazine is in…” After some keyboard crunching they came back and said, “We have it.” Sweet. I asked, “Who’s on the cover?” Could it be me? I asked myself. They said a guy named Stedman Graham. It didn’t ring a bell, but it obviously...

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Draft Day 2

Posted by on Aug 13, 2005 in Journal

ESPN Here is the team. Not the best work I’ve ever done, but not bad for on the spot with minimal prep. QB Marc Bulger, StL QB RB Willis McGahee, Buf RB RB/WR Domanick Davis, Hou RB WR Chad Johnson, Cin WR WR Andre Johnson, Hou WR TE Jeremy Shockey, NYG TE D/ST Panthers D/ST, Car D/ST K Mike Vanderjagt, Ind K BENCH Bench Michael Bennett, Min RB Bench Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR Bench David Carr, Hou QB Bench Jimmy Smith, Jac WR Bench Keyshawn Johnson, Dal WR Bench Heath Miller, Pit TE Bench Stephen Davis, Car RB Bench Braylon Edwards, Cle WR Shouldn’t have a RB and WR from same...

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