Draft Day

Posted by on Aug 13, 2005 in Journal

ESPN 9:15 AM 90 minutes until draft day. Fantasy Football 2005 is about to kick off in full swing. If Peyton is around, do I take him, or go for a top RB? Regardless, I love this stuff. The preparation, the anticipation, the choosing of your team, it is awesome. I’m in a free one on ESPN. Never used them before. It’s me and 9 other guys I’ve never met. All of my friends are in high dollar games. Not for me this year. I still have to have it, cash prize or not.

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PGA Championship

Posted by on Aug 11, 2005 in Journal

Springfiled, NJ Nothing will compare to walking the course for 4 day’s with the winner’s wife as I was able to do a couple of years ago at Oak Hill, but this is the final major of the year. I am out of the running of the Major’s pool I’m in, but I can still win this week. It will be hard without Tiger or any of the other big guys. I’ve used them already, except for Vijay. Here are my 7. Enjoy the golf. Vijay Singh Tim Clark Fred Couples Adam Scott Billy Mayfair John Daly Chad Campbell

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Park Avenue Fest

Posted by on Aug 7, 2005 in Journal

Rochester, NY As I’ve said previously, I have not spent an extended time in Rochester since my college days. Each time I tell my friends, “I’ve never been to that,” they can’t believe it. This goes for The Ten Ugly Men festival, the East End festivals, and in this case, Park Ave. fest. I will give this to Rochester, once the weather breaks, the city and the people take full advantage. This summer has been great, if you have AC. I have AC, so it’s been awesome. This weekend was perfect for an outdoor festival. The temps were low 80’s and the sun was in full force. My friends were...

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Posted by on Aug 1, 2005 in Journal

It’s a sad day when you lose a member of the family. Lucky for us, no one close to us has passed, but one that has been with us for over ten years has moved on. I remember getting her with my brother in Arkansas, she was so dark and comfortable. We had to haggle with guy for a few days, but we got her. She joined the family in 1994. She made the move up north in 1996, and partnered with my sister. They made a great team up until 2001, where Caytie passed her on to Bryan, her now fiancée. And now, on this day, Black Beauty has moved on to a mechanic who hopes to fix her up. She’s...

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